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German Culture & Society in Fulda

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The International Winter University in Fulda is a unique short term education program that combines a 2 credit German language and culture course with your choice of the following 3 credit electives:
 Fundamentals of Intercultural Communication and Migration
 German Art and Society
 German History, Culture, and Literature in an Intercultural Context.
The program also includes leisure activities, such as evening workshops in dance and cooking, hiking, and museum visits. Partake in field trips to Berlin, the cold war memorial Point Alpha, and the Rhön Mountains!

For information on the application process, program fees and total estimated spending, see the Application Guide for this program.

Hessen Exchange: Students must have a minimum G.P.A. of 2.5 and be in good standing. Students who do not meet the minimum GPA should contact the Office of International Education prior to applying to determine eligibility. As part of the application process, each students' disciplinary file will be reviewed and taken into consideration.


January Term 2022

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  • Orientation Quiz Due: 2021-11-05 15:05:00 2022-04-01 16:30:00
  • In-person orientation (optional): 2021-11-06 15:05:00 2022-04-02 15:05:00

Program Contact:

Jeremy Kox Dempsey 202; (liaison)